Politically, the area around Dunewood is in a state of proto-feudalism. In both the Dreadwood and the Firelands, the population lives in a series of city-states. The city-states are often separated from each other by large spaces of wild lands that are infested with goblins.

Each city-state has it’s own form of government. While some city-states have democratic forms of government, the most common form is the hereditary monarchies. In such places, the king normally appoints a number of leaders (which may or may not be hereditary, depending upon local custom). These appointed leaders are called “Thanes”. A female thane is addressed as “thaness”.

Thanes, furthermore, have the right to appoint sub-nobles to assist them. These people are called “unterthanes”.

Larger (or more self important) city-states often have another level above the thane, and this level is known by many names.


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