Cropsford is the main town of Cropsfordshire, and is currently rules over ruled over by Thaness Ildrea. Historically, farmers would cross the River Takot here when bringing their goods to market.

Cropsford was the birthplace of Prellus, a famous Satyr bard. Many places in town captialize on this by having musically themed named.

The town is home to several noteworthy businesses:

Business Name/Sign Proprietor
Bakery Bard’s Buns Kyna (female Anubian )
Moneylender/ N/A Ozino (male Ubasti). Rumored to be associated with the Brimstones
Pawn Store The Minstrel’s Purse Bari (female Centaur)
Pub (Bawdy) Clam with Antlers Lanos (male Satyr)
Pub (Family) Flutes & Boxes Narder (male Anubian)


Danger near Dunewood snowgen