A lost child, small and harmless

Race: Half Ubasti
Gender: Female
Age: 10

Attributes & Skills

Agility** d8 Smarts d4 Spirit d4 Strength d8 Vigor d4
Boating - Gambling - Intimidation - Climbing** d8
Driving - Healing d4 Persuasion d4
Fighting d8 Investigation -
Lockpicking - Knowledge -
Piloting - Notice d4
Riding - Repair *
Shooting - Streetwise -
Stealth d8 Survival -
Swimming - Taunt -
Throwing - Tracking -

* Summer’s repair skill is d4-4. That’s a default of d4-2, with an additional -2 for the All Thumbs hindrance.
** Summer gets a free d6 in Climbing and Agility due to being Ubasti.

Secondary Attributes

0 6 6 4+3 0
Charisma Pace Parry Toughness Experience


  • Cat-like Reflexes [Racial]
  • Claws [Racial]
  • Acrobat
  • Quickdraw


  • Curiosity Killed the Cat [Racial]
  • Young [Major]
  • All Thumbs [Minor]
  • Loyal [Minor]



Type Bonus Notes Weight
Plate Corselet +3 Child sized, covers torso 18.75


Weapon Damage Notes Weight
Claws [Racial] Str + d6 Ubasti catlike claws 0
Cyclopean Kukri Str + d8 Extremely dense metal 16
Weapon Range Damage Weight
Knife 3/6/12 Str + d4 1
Knife 3/6/12 Str + d4 1

Other Gear

Item Weight Notes
Heavy Scarf N/A
Grayish cloak N/A


N 0 N/A
N 5 N/A
N 10 N/A
N 15 N/A
S 20 N/A

Summer was born in a nomadic Ubasti tribe to an Ubasti mother, and a human father. When she was still very young Summer’s parents tried to convince their Ubasti tribe to take up farming instead of hunting. They argued that it was both easier and safer than hunting. The rest of the tribe unanimously disagreed with them, stating that they were simply weak cowards who failed at hunting, which was true. The leadership refused to even allow them to start a farm on their own within the tribe’s borders.

They stubbornly refused to give in, fled to the Firelands and spent everything they had on a small farm. Having bought poor land for farming, and without any real farming knowledge of experience, the farm was hard work for a meager return. As soon as she was old enough, Summer was put to work as well. And as her parents grew increasingly frustrated in their own failures they began blaming Summer. They blamed her for the farm’s failure, and even for their decision to leave the tribe, saying that they had only left so that she would be safer.

After years of backbreaking labor, physical and emotional abuse, Summer fled the farm. Having taken nothing with her, and never having learned to hunt, she reluctantly turned to thievery to survive as she made her way to [Big city in Firelands]. She spent her time there lying, stealing, fighting, and avoiding the law as she became more hardened and cynical. Being young and unintimidating she began taking and excelling at odd jobs such as spying, burgling, and even some assassinations.

Eventually tiring of doing dirty work for evil people, she began searching for an alternative. She followed a lead saying that the Thaness of Cropsfordhire was recruiting people like her, and began putting her skills to use there. She knew the world was always going to be a terrible place that couldn’t be fixed, but she may as well not contribute to making it worse.


Danger near Dunewood raive