An aloof anubian that wields the power of darkness


Nila was the youngest of nine whelplings. Astu, her widowed father, was forced to leave the girl at the Temple of Nyx. There she was raised as a novitiate and learned the art of Shadowmancing. Now an adult, Nila is a “special advisor” for Ildrea, Thaness of Cropsfordhire.

Race: Anubian
Gender: Female

Attributes & Skills

Agility d6 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d4 Vigor d6
Boating - Gambling - Intimidation - Climbing** -
Driving - Healing d8 Persuasion -
Fighting d6 Investigation d4
Lockpicking - Knowledge -
Piloting - Notice d6*
Riding - Repair -
Shooting - Streetwise -
Stealth d6 Survival -
Swimming - Taunt -
Throwing d6 Tracking d6*
- Spellcasting d8

* Anubians start with a free d6 in Tracking and get +2 to all scent-based notice rolls.

Secondary Attributes

-2 6 5+1=6 5 0
Charisma Pace Parry Toughness Experience


  • Blood Hound (Racial) (+2 to all scent-based Notice rolls; free d6 in tracking)
  • Blood Hound II (Racial) (free d6 in tracking)
  • Danger Sense (Racial)
  • Arcane background – Shadowmancer


  • Colorblind (Racial)
  • Loyal (Racial); Never leaves a friend behind
  • Anemic (Minor); -1 to Fatigue tests
  • Aloof (Mean) (Minor); -2 Charisma
  • Arachnophobia (Major); -4 to all rolls near a spider.


Power Base Power Cost to Cast Cost to Maintain Duration Range Notes
Shadow Realm Burrow 3 (+1 per additional person (5 others max)) 2/round 3 20 If she is standing in shadows, she can meld into them. Once in the shadow realm, she can remain in place or travel with a Pace of 20. A person emerging from shadow form can attempt to surprise a foe (opposed Stealth versus Notice roll, with darkness penalties applying to the Notice roll). If the emerging shadow wins, she gains +2 to attack and damage that round, or +4 with a raise. Targets on Hold may attempt to interrupt the attack as usual.
Shadow Warrior Summon Ally 3 1/round 3 8 Her shadow forms into a wispy form anywhere within the range.
Billowing Gloom Burst 2 N/A N/A Cone A cloud of energy draining black shadow emits from her hand, causing 2d10 damage to those caught within it. This counts as a heavy weapon.



Type Bonus Notes Weight
Leather Armor +1 20


Weapon Damage Notes Weight
Staff Str + d4 +1 Parry; Reach 1; 2 hands 3
Weapon Range Damage Weight
//- 1-

Other Gear

Item Weight Notes


N 0 N/A
N 5 N/A
N 10 N/A
N 15 N/A
S 20 N/A


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