Thaness of Cropsford


Ildrea is one of only a handful of elfin nobles to survive the fall of Yewston. She led the largest group of survivors to Dunewood, and pledged her service to Dunewood’s king who made her Thaness of Cropsford. She is an elf of renown beauty, with a tall, slender figure and blonde-white hair. It is said that her crystal-blue eyes can stare through a man’s heart. She was born to the nobility, and is not only a master of diplomacy and leadership, but is also an experienced battlefield commander.

Ildrea takes the duties of nobility seriously, and is absolutely dedicated to her people—both the refugee elves and citizens of Cropford. While the shire’s citizenry enjoy a large degree of personal freedoms, it is rumored that she maintains a secret network of informants and operatives to stave off trouble before it begins.

She has a reputation of being impeccably polite and attentive, even to those beneath her station. Some unfortunately souls have mistaken this politeness as a sign of weakness, but learned their lesson the hard way.

Ildrea still wears the traditional dress of her elven homeland. Clashing against the natural beauty of this clothing is a necklace made of goblin teeth.



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