The area around Dunewood is populated by many types of people, including:

Name Description Religion PC Race?
Amazons Female-led warrior race Goblin Yes
Anubians Anthropomorphic dog race Human Yes
Centuars Human up top, horse down below Human Yes
Cyclops Giants with one eye. Some awesome craftsmen Goblin No
Dryads Lithe, thin nature spirits Human Yes
Horuns Winged bird-men. Yes, they fly. Human Maybe
Minotaurs Bull up top, man down below. Goblin No
Pygmies Short people. Human Yes
Satyrs Horned, furry humans with goat legs Human Yes
Sobeki Small crocodile upper, man lower. Goblin Yes
Ubasti Anthropomorphic cat people. Human Yes

Note that because no one ever wants to play one, there are no humans, other than the Amazons.

Religion is the predominate religion of the race. There are always exceptions.


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